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Once integrated, Sariska’s video call SDK provides high-quality, low-latency video calls that are compatible with any device.
Truly Collaborative

Truly Collaborative

Without any geographical boundaries, you can collaborate with multiple users in real time on any website or webapp using co-browsing chrome extension.

High Compatibility

High compatibility

Sariska takes pride in providing free co-browsing online with its co-browsing software that is compatible with most browsers.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Enhanced safety and security

Client’s data privacy is always our priority and keeping this in mind, we worked tirelessly to provide safe and secure co-browsing solutions.

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Sariska provides one of the best co-browsing software that can be seamlessly integrated into your organization, thus enhancing user experience and boosting productivity.

Real-Life Co-Browsing Application

No matter whether you are a small business or a big organization, whether you belong to the healthcare sector or real estate, Sariska’s Co-browsing SDK offers customizable, ready-to-be-shipped, and easy-to-integrate solutions.

Improve Organization’s

Co-browsing helps in bringing your whole team together seemlessly in just one click. Do meetings seamlessly. Just click a button to have HD-quality video calls. Level up your screen-sharing game by enabling two-way control over any webpage. Personalized communication, boost team engagement and stronger relationships.

Shop From
Anywhere, Anytime

Perfect two-way control for all your online shopping needs. Do online window shopping anytime. You can hop on any website and enjoy co-shopping with your partner. We don’t collect or store your browsing data and conversations to ensure privacy.


We provide a synchronized start, stop, and pause of your favorite music or movies on your chosen websites. Hop on and watch together Enjoy your group chat and video calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sariska’s Co-Browsing SDK is a software development kit that allows multiple users to collaborate in real-time on any website or web application.

Sariska’s Co-Browsing SDK offers enhanced safety and security, high compatibility, and easy-to-use integration into your organization. It can improve your team’s productivity, boost engagement, and strengthen relationships.

Yes, Sariska takes pride in providing free co-browsing online with its co-browsing software that is compatible with most browsers and devices.

Yes, client data privacy is always Sariska’s priority, and the company has worked tirelessly to provide safe and secure co-browsing solutions.

Yes, Sariska’s Co-Browsing SDK offers customizable and ready-to-be-shipped solutions that can be used in different industries, such as healthcare and real estate.

The virtual hangouts feature allows users to synchronize start, stop, and pause of favorite music or movies on chosen websites, and enjoy group chat and video calls.

Yes, Sariska’s Co-Browsing SDK provides perfect two-way control for all online shopping needs, such as online window shopping anytime and co-shopping with a partner, while ensuring privacy.

Yes, Sariska’s Co-Browsing SDK is built for developers, by developers, and offers a comprehensive tech stack to build everything from tiny applications to endless worlds through simple, fast, and secure APIs and SDKs.

Experience Sariska’s Co-Browsing. Host virtual hangouts, incorporate real-time messaging and video conferencing API share screens, shop from anywhere, anytime and enjoy end-to-end encryption. Try free co-browsing online today!

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