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Interactive Gaming SDK in Real Time

Make any game more sociable by integrating chat, video, and voice calls, and you'll have a far easier time keeping customers excited. Built natively for Unity and Unreal, integrating interactive gaming in real time has never been easy.
Interactive Gaming in Real Time

Combine audio, video, and live broadcasting features into
games to create interactive social networks.

    Increase game performance by making informed optimization decisions leveraging analytics.

    Boost revenue potential and market share by reducing time-to-market

    Add virtual gifting, bidding, and merchandising to the game.

We make gaming experiences top-notch

With the rise of online gaming and social media platforms, players may now share their gameplay experiences in real time with a global audience. In-game live streaming enables players to demonstrate their talents, share their strategies, and engage with spectators in previously unimagined ways. Whether you're a casual gamer or an esports player, in-game live streaming has opened up a world of new opportunities for gamers to connect with, entertain, and interact with their audience.
Quick and Adaptable Coding for SDK Gaming

Quick and Adaptable Coding for SDK Gaming

Create enjoyable and fun gaming experiences that will connect, engage, and captivate your users fast and effortlessly with our fully customizable SDKs, pre-integrated third-party extensions, and low code tools.

Top-Notch Gaming Performance

Top-Notch Gaming Performance

With our smart network's constant monitoring of connectivity, you can expect exceptionally low delay and much quicker reaction times in-game. Even in the challenging network condition, you can provide your gamers with an optimal experience.

Global, Scalable, and Reliable Delivery

Global, Scalable, and Reliable Delivery

With support for 200+ countries and regions, our intelligent network design automatically scales to meet the needs of a worldwide audience.

Increase your repetitive and active gamers

Everything you need to create interesting social gaming environments.
Video Calling

Video Calling

Video calling is a great way for gamers to connect in real time.You can organize regular video calls with your gaming community, where you can discuss your favorite games, share tips and tricks, and simply catch up with each other. You can also use video calling to host virtual gaming events such as tournaments and challenges.
Voice Calling

Voice Calling

Voice calling is another great tool for connecting with other gamers. You can use it to communicate with your teammates during gameplay, coordinate strategies, and provide support. You can also use voice calling to host live chats or Q&A sessions with your gaming community.
Live streaming

Live streaming

Quick, easy and seamless integration of live streaming right into the games. With real-time streaming, build hype and excitement for live events. Live interactive streaming features enable the integration of video chat, the invitation of live voice or video calls from fans, the incorporation of statistics, the sale of items, and the assistance of virtual gifts. Enhance apps and interactive games, as well as create more interesting online gaming league experiences.
Real-time Messaging

Real-time Messaging

Real-time messaging is a crucial tool for communicating with other gamers, especially during gameplay. You can use it to share information, coordinate strategies, and provide support. You can also use messaging to stay connected with your gaming community, send updates, and organize events.

Amazing game experiences with top grade developer tools

Build cutting-edge games with our low-code tools, marketplace of extensions, including voice, video, live streaming, and messaging across platforms.

Extend the game sdk service time

Players can play longer with less power consumption.

Wonderful sound effects

Stream background music, employ voice changers, and add sound effects with sound mixing and effects to enhance gaming.

Hear everything

Players can use proximity-based sensing to locate each other using 3-D Spatial Audio.

Customized masks

AR facial masks and filtering let players alter their appearance to match their role or mood with sdk games.

Explore how to integrate real-time engagement to build
fascinating sdk gaming experiences. Our team is here
to guide you through the sdk gaming future.

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