Real-Time Audio Streaming

Use live, interactive audio streaming to bring people together from all over the world and have meaningful conversations and share ideas.
live audio streaming

Broadcast audio to listeners all across the world

    Live Audio Streaming makes it easy to add live audio discussions into websites and apps.

    Whether 100 or 1 million users join the stream, our rapid initial rendering and channel

    switching, adaptive audio bitrate, and smart algorithms scale for you.


Provide live podcasts to a global audience.
Provide live podcasts to a global audience.
Let your audience jump in on live chats, whether it's a hot take with a celebrity or popular themes with IT professionals. The interactive audio streaming assures that your live broadcast will stream smoothly to anybody, everywhere, on any device.

Everything you need to stream interactive audio.

Outstanding audio

Outstanding audio

Full bandwidth recording
The full-sound bandwidth capture at 48kHz (sampling rate) offers the most authentic audio reproduction for podcasts, music rooms, KTV, and other applications. Stream audio at up to 192 kbps to precisely recreate the original audio source.

3-D spatial audio
Participants can have a more "In Real Life" (IRL) experience thanks to 3-D Spatial Audio's use of proximity-based sensing to detect whether a speaker is close or far away within a virtual environment.

Instant rendering and channel switching
Media listeners can enjoy a seamless experience thanks to our initial audio rendering and channel-switching times of under a second.

Adaptable audio bitrate
Choose an audio profile with a bitrate between 18 kbps and 192 kbps to meet your content's quality requirements.

Pleasant experience
Advanced network algorithms minimize latency and packet loss for a seamless, interruption-free experience.

Customizable options

Customizable options

Cross-channel co-host
Create a competition or co-host an event with hosts from up to four channels in an audio stream. This is perfect for live streaming social events together or hosting competitions between cooks, DJs, or performance artists in different virtual rooms.

Voice effects
Voice effects make streaming entertaining. Users can change their voices to reflect their emotions, personas, or whims with sound mixing and reverb.

Versatile controls

Versatile controls

The Real-Time Engagement Platform offers mobile in-ear monitoring. Users can hear their own voices or voice effects on online karaoke TV (KTV), live-streaming apps, and other systems that provide audio chat.

AI noise cancellation
Our platform removes ambient and annoying noises via automatic echo cancellation, gain control, noise suppression, and an AI-powered noise cancellation algorithm.

Why settle for anything less than an intelligent global network with mobile device optimizations, cross-platform software development kits (SDKs), and developer-centric building blocks.

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